Top 5 Hospitals in Hawaii, USA: Delivering Exceptional Healthcare in 2023


Hawaii, known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture, is also home to top-tier hospitals that provide exceptional healthcare services. These hospitals combine advanced medical technology with a commitment to patient care, making them crucial pillars of Hawaii’s healthcare infrastructure. In this article, we will explore the top five hospitals in Hawaii in 2023, highlighting their specialties, patient-centric approaches, and contributions to healthcare excellence.

The Queen’s Medical Center – Honolulu

The Queen’s Medical Center, located in Honolulu, stands as one of Hawaii’s leading healthcare institutions. As the state’s largest private hospital, it offers a wide range of medical services, including specialized care in cardiology, cancer treatment, and organ transplantation. The Queen’s Medical Center is renowned for its patient-centered approach, focusing on personalized treatment plans and compassionate care.

Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children – Honolulu

Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, also situated in Honolulu, specializes in women’s and children’s healthcare. With a commitment to family-centered care, the hospital provides comprehensive services ranging from obstetrics and gynecology to pediatric specialties. Kapiolani Medical Center’s dedication to creating a nurturing environment for families and children makes it a cornerstone of healthcare for the community.

Straub Medical Center – Honolulu

Straub Medical Center, part of the Hawaii Pacific Health network, is known for its comprehensive medical services and commitment to innovation. The hospital offers specialized care in areas such as orthopedics, neurology, and cardiac services. Straub Medical Center’s emphasis on advanced technology and interdisciplinary collaboration ensures that patients receive the highest quality care available.

Maui Memorial Medical Center – Wailuku

Maui Memorial Medical Center, located in Wailuku on the island of Maui, serves as the primary healthcare facility for the island’s residents. The hospital offers a range of services, including emergency care, surgical specialties, and community health programs. Maui Memorial’s dedication to providing accessible healthcare to its community underscores its importance as a vital healthcare resource.

Hilo Medical Center – Hilo

Hilo Medical Center, situated in Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, plays a critical role in providing healthcare services to the island’s residents. The hospital offers comprehensive medical care, including emergency services, women’s health, and specialty care. Hilo Medical Center’s commitment to serving a diverse community contributes to its role as a cornerstone of healthcare delivery on the island.


The top hospitals in Hawaii, USA, are pivotal in providing quality healthcare services to residents and visitors alike. With their dedication to patient-centered care, specialized services, advanced technology, and commitment to community well-being, these hospitals play a crucial role in maintaining the health and wellness of the people of Hawaii. Through their excellence in medical care, they continue to be pillars of support for individuals and families across the islands.

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